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From the PBS series Nature:

(as an aside, the narrator sounds suspiciously like the same guy who voiced this arachnid documentary classic)

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Monday Night Mystery

We’ve pointed and laughed at iStockphoto enough already. Let’s pick on Getty instead:

This ant is misidentified. The horror!

To collect all ten points for tonight’s mystery, be the first to provide the correct genus-level identification. Breaking with tradition, you’ll also need to explain which character(s) support your answer. No exply, no pointsy.

The cumulative points winner for the month of July will win their choice of 1) an 8×10-sized print from my photo galleries, or 2) a guest post here on Myrmecos.

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Monday Night Mystery

What in the world is this strange creature?

The point breakdown* will be as follows:

2 points for order
2 points for family
2 points for genus
2 points for species
2 points for describing the behavior

As in past weeks, you have to be first in each category.

*What are Myrmecos points good for?  The cumulative winner at the end of the month gets to choose either 1)any 8×10 print from alexanderwild.com, or 2) a guest blog post on a topic of their choosing.

[update]: the answer is here.

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Classic Fry & Laurie:

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Monday Night Mystery

from wikimedia commonsIn a change of pace, tonight’s mystery is for the bioinformaticians. Here’s some DNA sequence:


What sort of organism did it come from?

Ten points to the first person who can pick the genus.

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[a guest post by myrmecologist Andrea Lucky]

Andrea & her intrepid field team in New Guinea

It was a dark and stormy night…

…actually, it was a dark and stormy morning.  The dawn of the 7th day of ceaseless frigid rain to be precise, and I was reminiscing about the grand old days one week before when the sun emerged and for a glorious 10 minutes it was warm enough to splash some water on my arms, legs and neck and wipe away the accumulated grime that is synonymous with field work. I wondered if that lovely burst of sunshine would ever come again (no, it wouldn’t), and every time I shiveringly remembered my quick bath I cursed myself for wasting those precious moments of sun. Washing – what was I thinking? I should have been out there looking for ants!

Papua New Guinea is a tropical paradise for any biologist, but especially for an ant biologist. (more…)

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Sunday Night Movie: Cats vs. Dogs

From the brilliant Creature Comforts:

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Saturday Links

We’re hosting a party for the roller derby girls, so I’m otherwise preoccupied today. Help yourself to some links, though:

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Sunday Night Movie: Henri

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What was that dashing bug in pastel colors? As so many of you picked, it’s a palmetto planthopper.

Order: Hemiptera
Family: Flatidae
Genus: Ormenaria
Species: rufifascia

Points are awarded as follows: (more…)

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