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Shortly before I left for Florida, my post on the taxonomy of Strumigenys spurred a comment from an anonymous colleague:

I wouldn’t be so bold as to publish so many evaluations of ideas without the backing of formal peer review. I wouldn’t be as concerned about the validity of my criticisms, but rather the perceived validity. Perhaps I’m hypersensitive to alienating other scientists. I just wouldn’t want to be responsible for airing other people’s dirty laundry.

I’m not saying that you’re unfair. But I think most people whose work is being reviewed on your site feel that it won’t stand up to rigorous review.

In spite of many of my commentators who leaped to my defense (thanks!), I am inclined to agree with my unknown colleague.  Since the beginning, I have had two recurring thoughts that give me pause about blogging on scientific topics, both related to the lack of peer review.


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