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Myrmecos Blog appeared online two years ago today.   While I’m obviously the guy writing most of the posts, the reason we’re still on the air isn’t me and my bloviating.  It is all of you guys- the readers, the guest bloggers, the commentators. Without the life provided to the site by the many participants, I’d long since have lost the incentive to keep at it.  So, a heartfelt thank you.

If I had to finger any one difference between blogging in 2007 and blogging in 2009, it is this.  In 2007 blogs had already risen to mainstream acceptability, especially in the political, commercial, and feline sectors.  But academics still lagged, unsure of the medium.  Photo blogging was of course safe ground, but research blogging?

The landscape has shifted by 2009.  I’d now say blogging is not only an acceptable outlet for scientists, but one that if done right is highly desirable.  Can there be a more reliable indicator of a writer’s passion and knowledge than an active blog?

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