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New species: Forelius damiani

damiani1Forelius damiani Guerrero & Fernández 2008

The ant genus Forelius – named for the eminent Swiss myrmecologist Auguste Forel–  is known for its abundance in hot, dry climates in both North and South America.  This affinity for deserts has given the genus a markedly disjunct distribution, abundant in subtropical South America and in the warmer regions of North and Central America but absent in the more humid intervening climes.  Or so we’d assumed.

Last week Colombian myrmecologists Roberto Guerrero & Fernando Fernández filled the gap with a newly-discovered species of Forelius.  Their collections matched several undescribed specimens from Jack Longino’s Costa Rican surveys, and is the first Forelius known from Colombia.

source: Guerrero & Fernández 2008. A new species of the ant genus Forelius (Formicidae: Dolichoderinae) from Colombia.  Zootaxa 1958: 51-60.

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