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Ross Crozier is gone


Ross Crozier last week at the Chicago Field Museum

I learned this morning that pioneering ant biologist Ross Crozier has passed away.  This is terrible news, and entirely unexpected.

Ross- a soft-spoken Australian- ushered social insects into the age of molecular biology.  He karyotyped hundreds of ant species.  He sequenced the honeybee mitochondrial genome.  He documented natural selection in ant immune genes.  He studied colony structure in termites, and speciation in ants.  There’s almost nothing in social insect genetics that Ross didn’t do first.

Ross’s passing is quite a shock- he was in fine shape at the Chicago GAP meeting last weekend, and he sent me a short email not even two days ago.  This is going to take a while to sink in.

RIP Ross.  We’ll miss you.

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